Cecil Brown with Mason Pryor

13 Jan



One Response to “Cecil Brown with Mason Pryor”

  1. Rite Reverend Dat Nigga March 2, 2015 at 11:41 am #

    Peace Mr BROWN:

    You had me at JIVE ASS.

    When I read that book long ago it allowed me to think in terms how far a BLACK WRITER could push the boundaries of literature. And I Have always wanted to meet you. And even moreso when I later found out that you were friends with one of my 2 favorite Comics (RICHARD PRYOR…the other being DICK GREGORY). The lives of both these men have taught me more than I can say (or Repay).

    I would like to invite you on my show to discuss those BERKELEY YEARS because many folks are sleep on how this period truly shaped RICHARD’S Standup worldview. And even less do they realize your own impact upon Brotha Pryor. Yessuh.

    Im a comedian/performer who hosts a radio show on BLOGTALKRADIO ( I have brought my own PROFANE (and sumtimes PROFOUND?) street life to the airwaves of White Folks Radio.

    I would be honored if U would listen to my show–and then, consider being my GUEST. If You decide to pass because my delivery and approach is too RAW and UNFETTERED for you–I understand.

    One thing for sure, you are 120% korrect in your assessment that WHITEY is STEALING and Coopting (Corrupting?) the COMEDIC LEGACY of Richard Pryor. Just the formative years of Berkeley alone should be a Documentary/Movie–because Pryor was definitely a Comic about Giving Power To The Peeple. In short, Hollywood and the Publishing industry should be ALL Over your book.

    I appreciate the time you took to read this.

    Keep Nigga Alive!
    -Rite Reverend Dat Nigga-
    Radio Show: The NIGGA CHURCH

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